Ally Oliver – Steadicam Op – Lighting Camera Op

I Have worked in the Camera department for over 5 years with a specialty in Steadicam and Lighting Camera work

Steadicam/Gimbal Work

I am a Steadicam operator and Gimbal Operator focusing on music videos, commercials and Events. I specialize in capturing smooth and dynamic shots that enhance visual storytelling. Equipped with the latest kit, I deliver visually captivating footage, adding a cinematic touch to every project. With a keen eye for detail and expertise in Steadicam and Gimbal operation, I create visually striking content that elevates production value.

Shooting on a white cove

Lighting Camera Work

I am a lighting camera operator specialising in talking heads, podcasts, green screen, and music videos. With expertise in lighting and camera operation, I create visually appealing content that enhances production value. Whether it’s setting the right mood for interviews, achieving seamless greenscreen backgrounds, or capturing captivating music video scenes, I bring creativity and technical know-how to each project.


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